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Elizabeth Redmond Odiorne

Elizabeth Odiorne received both her BFA and MFA degrees from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University in Fibers, with a focus on Printed Textiles.  Currently residing in Arizona, she was invited to display her work in Terminal 4 of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in the exhibition Drawn to Pattern.  Elizabeth has been featured in various art publications, Including Surface Design Journal "Designing Minds" issue and Expose Art Magazine "Next Generation of Artists" issue.  The artwork that Elizabeth creates consists of large screen printed textiles, flooded with pattern & a variety of color, creating repeated pattern from natural forms and abstracting them with hand drawn quality. Elizabeth focuses on balance and demonstrates a combination of structure with organic shapes to create an overall vibrant visual experience.



We are surrounded by visually intriguing, recurring designs in nature, ranging from simple to intricate. My desire is to capture this beauty for you to enjoy. My screen-printed textiles focus on exemplifying and magnifying the complexity of repeated forms. I am passionate about the time-honored tradition of screen-printing textiles and I take great pride in executing nearly all aspects of the process by hand. I am interested in the effects of a “maze” like environment that completely surrounds and immerses the viewer in patterns that subtly shift with imagery and color. I want the viewer to absorb and be engrossed in the original drawings, shapes, composition and colors that I have created in my screen-printed designs that evolve and grow as time goes on. My imagery utilizes a process of repetition that is significant in the memory of shapes and colors throughout my personal timeline. Patterns and motifs signify and reflect on monumental moments or personal achievements. My intention is to imply that the impact of events subtly evolve over time and are a never-ending source of inspiration and reflection. I wish to instill an overpowering visual sensation upon entering my installations or when viewing a single panel – a confrontation of brilliant, saturation of color, layers of delicate linear patterns, embedded with a unique record of personal anecdotes.